The Authors

Gary Spivey is known around the world as the "World's Most Accurate Psychic", a Medium, Spiritual Healer, and Teacher. He has been called "The Modern Day Nostradamus" for is uncanny ability to predict catastrophic events, and he has spent the majority of his lifetime doing live shows, seminars, TV shows, doing personal readings for thousands of people, and is considered "America's #1 Radio Psychic" appearing on hundreds of morning drive time radio shows across the United States every morning.
Gary describes writing Your Keys To Heaven as "divinely guided" and gives the credit to God and his angels for leading him to every situation that has resulted in the revealed spiritual secrets and techniques found throughout the book. "Since I was 3 years old I've been spiritually gifted and have been able to see in all of these other dimensions that other people couldn't see in, so I have spent my life trying to show everyone how to see spiritually and hear spiritually in all of these dimensions. I have learned through meditation how to heal using spiritual energy, how to receive spiritual gifts, and have been lead to discover spiritual secrets that have been there all along but have been edited out of the religious texts of the world for fear that people would learn that they hold all of God's power within themselves. Writing this book has taken me my whole life but I felt now was the time to reveal these spiritual secrets which include receiving Spiritual Gifts, unlocking the spiritual knowledge of the universe which lies inside all of us, as well as the tried and true techniques that I have used to help thousands of people around the world." Gary lives in Ojai, California with his dog Angel. Vist for everything about GARY!

Dean Hymel is Gary Spivey's manager, best friend, and the co-author of Your Keys To Heaven. Dean grew up as an identical twin in New Orleans. Dean and Gary both feel strongly about writing this book to show others that many of the disorders and physical problems that people endure on a daily basis can be easily eliminated using spiritual gifts and abilities that everyone is born with. "They just need to learn how to use them!" Dean lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.